Soy Wax


Why soy?

Firstly, it's non toxic. Soy wax burns clean with little to no soot as well as getting a slower burn so you get a longer life from your candle. Secondly, and importantly, soy is sustainable and renewable. The soy wax we purchase is most likely grown less than a year ago, and chances are they are same fields as the previous year's crops. Thirdly, and a huge factor we support, we use U.S. grown soy. American soy farmers grow the vast majority of the world's soybeans. When we are able to support American made as well as being able to support our farmers, we will jump on it with pride. 

What is that marking on the top of my candle?

Quite often, you will see what is called "frosting" on the top of your candle, similar to a crystalized-like texture. These can also occur on the sides of the candle vessel. It does not in anyway affect the quality of the candle as it's just how soy wax sometimes cures. We like to think of it as being akin to our desert backyard: sometimes a little rough around the edges but lovely nonetheless.  

What's that dampness on top? 

Think of it as the fragrance working hard for you and breaking a little sweat doing so! In actuality, Three Palms uses a good, sturdy load of fragrance blends. Due to our candles going from one type weather to another (ie: hot to cold, etc.), the soy wax can sometimes release a little fragrance on the top. Again, this should not affect the quality or burn of your candle. 

More questions? Contact us. We love hot candle talk.