First Time for Everything

First Time for Everything


Hey world! This is our very first blog post. So where do we start? Well, this a is new venture for me. I have never run a small business before and am learning everything as I go along.


I started making candles last year as a little hobby. My husband ordered me a DIY candle kit online, and the candles I made turned out incredibly well much to my surprise. Only thing I didn’t love were the fragrances the kit came with. They were nice but on the more synthetic side. First thing I thought was, hey, I could make some really nice fragrance blends that I would like, tailored with aromas I’m drawn to. Also, after gifting some of the first candles I made, I enjoyed hearing suggestions from friends as to what kind of scents they like in their candles, what they buy for themselves versus gifts, etc. Most importantly, I loved that almost EVERYONE said they love scented candles. The wheels then really started to turn.


After what began as looking up a few things here and there online, I found myself falling into the vortex of the internet and doing hours of research. Even for an arts and crafts nerd like me, I had no idea there was such extensive information on DIY candle making as well as a large community devoted to scented candles. It was interesting to say the least.


Supplies were ordered, information was disseminated, and next step was making an actual batch of candles. Hello kitchen candle factory! Friends acted as guinea pigs for scent blends, wax types, burning times, you name it. A couple of hiccups occurred here and there, which was a great if not hilarious learning experience, but once I got my process down, things started to run smoothly (although I’m still in the early stages here and don’t want to jinx myself for further batches).


Low and behold, after a lot of encouragement from family and friends as well as my partner, I decided to turn it all into something. I’ve always wanted to turn a hobby into a business, but found myself so busy with day job work over the years. I think the majority of people can relate to time and life constraints and not being able to pursue the things we would really love to pursue. For once, finally, I had a little extra time and learned to make the most of that time. The free time came from moving to the US from Vancouver, BC, getting married, going through the immigration process, and not being able to work for a long time. We'll save that for another blog post, of course! 


Three Palms Candle Company was then born. There are three palm trees on the front of our property that we have always loved. Looking up one night, they set the perfect backdrop for one of the most incredible desert sunsets I’ve experienced since moving to Palm Springs. Those colors and the warm aromas of landscape in the air were, and continue to be, some of my biggest inspirations. I’m sure the not so fun part of a small, home based business will kick in soon (the non creative part, I mean), but I am ready to take on all the challenges. Do I know exactly what I'm doing? Hell no! But hey, bring it on. New chapters in life are always the best ones. Like I said, there is a first time for everything. 


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